jim Founder/Forefather:Jim

I was born and raised in Mexico and after living in Kirksville for three and a half years while completing a teaching degree I was eager to come “home”. Looking back I know it was the right decision. Mexico has been a wonderful place to raise a family, gain friends, make a living and most of all try to give back to a community that has been good to me.

I enjoyed teaching at Mexico High School and Mexico Vocational Technical School for 30 years. After retiring in 1995, I continue to keep in contact with many of my former students, some of whom now work for me building furniture.

My love of antiques comes from my Grandmother who owned Flitner Antique Shop in Mexico for several years. This passion ended up becoming a second career.

To compliment my antique business I began building furniture in the early 1990’s and continue to this day.